Simple and interesting! Make 8 good uses of MTR facility

Shun Yu Wong, Mandy Wong, Ka Yu Yau 


21 x 14.8 cm; 44 pages

The project investigates on diversity and possibility of usage in Hong Kong subway station space. We search for a counter-exchange of public and private with awareness on the economic prerequisite for accessing certain area. We perform 8 utilising methods on a semi-sealed rectangular counter, which exists at the boundary between paid and unpaid area. The performance requires at least one people at each opposite side. Activities include: tutorial attendance/providence, identity photo taking, manicure service, dating, Tarot reading, barter, Chinese chess and table tennis match.

According to the subway regulation, passengers are allowed to stay at paid area for 150 minutes with minimum charge. Apart from eating, drinking, trading or any illegal activities, they can do whatever they want within the time. 


Instruction books were made and distributed to passengers.