The Fragile Eggs: Testimony of the Hong Kong Protests

2019 - 

Set of performances based on narratives, found images, videos, and objects collected from protesters in Hong Kong.


*The full project will be launched soon

To the protesters in Hong Kong, for whom I wish to be hands and feet; to the people who are seeing these words,

I apologize for my attempt and failure to be objective, that the work takes off from my stance, fear, and belief.

I apologize for being in a distant safe place while claiming myself fraternal. 

I apologize for not expecting a victory, yet pushing the crowds to continue and to escalate. 

I apologize for my ignorance of the meaning of autonomy, democracy, and freedom that I am fighting for. 

I apologize for enjoying a privilege to ensure my safety, at the same time having a desire to suffer. 

I apologize that during the protests I incurred no physical wounds, that I was not beaten, arrested, raped, or forced to commit apparent suicide, and that I received no personal threat. 

I apologize for the fact that I am mentally and physically inferior to fully grasp your pain. 

I apologize for being proud of my Hongkonger identity, at the same time aspiring to get the American nationality. 

I apologize for using the feelings and wounds of others to speak for me.

I apologize for not being communicative in my primary language, and that I steal the words from Rabih Mroué to complete these very words. 

I apologize because I dislike the place I was born in and only miss the time, the sound, the air, and the mood when we protest. 

I apologize for any potential and unverifiable lies allowed to take place between me and my participants. 

I must insist, however, that what I heard, saw, and acknowledged are the respectful Truth.